Talent Screening

A multi-phased approach capped with knowledge based assessment test to psychometric based screening, evaluation and recruitment.

The methods of screening and evaluation are outlined as follows:

  • Functional – This is based on the identification and filtering of the talent required for specific functions and the methods are time-tested and proven.
  • Technical – Screening and subsequent evaluation of the capability of specific technical skills needed are made by experienced technical professionals in a systematic and scientific way.
  • Psychological –Professionals analyze the prospective candidates and provide an evaluation on the mental strength of the candidates to withstand stress and strain associated with jobs involving responsibilities and accountability. The stability factor and the extent of involvement are judged in a scientific manner.
  • Knowledge Assessment – Solmar conducts Knowledge Assessment tests, both written and oral, to understand the extent of knowledge of the candidates for the specific job functions of the companies and the results are evaluated critically.
  • Virtual Interview – The identified candidates are ranked and reviewed with video or phone interviews in a record time and these will be assessed by professionals and the results correlated with the details available till then.
  • Personal Interview – This is the key element in the process of recruitment wherein the candidates who come up to this stage are analysed and evaluated by professional interviewers who make an in depth analysis of the candidates. Specific and crucial aspects like attitude, stability & involvement, decision making, veracity of testimonials and statements, congruence between the facts and figures and the responses to loaded questions. The candidates’ adaptability to work environments and stress situations is also assessed in depth.
    The assessment and evaluation results of all the above phases are compiled and a final decision taken on the candidates. These processes are handled by experienced professionals who have decades of expertise in recruitment and selection.