Talent Placement

Expertise of more than 2 decades with Indian/Multinational/Overseas organizations

Solmar has a proven track record of expertise spanning over two decades in Talent Placement in various companies both national and international. Solmar’s Staff Recruitment processes are evolved with specific emphasis on the actual requirements of the companies.

With a commendable database encompassing possibly the largest variation of skills needed by the organizations and by adopting the latest methods in talent scouting, screening for recruitment, together with the converging methodology of enhancement of skills, Solmar occupies a pride of place among the elite Staff Recruitment organizations.

There has been an ever growing cordial relationship between Solmar and the organizations both national and international,  in which there has been a presence of staff recruited by Solmar. This, in essence, has proved that the systematic methodology adopted by Solmar has been well accepted and appreciated in the various sectors of the industry.